The Somm’s Table is Barndiva’s way of extending our definition of farm to table - eat the view - to drinking it.

We think of the Somm's Table as a salon, a place where we gather to drink, and talk about wine with a particular point of view. Where we can host evenings with winemakers we know and admire, or haven't met, but want to know.  Throw seasonal garden parties with winemaking friends. There is an actual table, forged by Jordy Morgan, but The Somm's Table is really more of a state of mind. Come in and have a singular interactive experience with a glass of wine, or come with friends. Join us for a small dinner party. Crowd surf expanded tastings at one of our cooperative summer fêtes.  We're just gonna put it out there, see what sticks for all of us. 

Curated by our insightfully poised Wine Director, Alexis Iaconis, inspired by our brilliant chef Ryan Fancher, The Somm's Table is very much a creation and reflection of this time and this place. 

Come join us at the table. Let's see where this conversation takes us.

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 Mark your calenders!

Mark your calenders!

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The Monthly Set

Every month our intrepid wine director Alexis Iaconis write about wine. These are notes we give to our wait staff to educate them when we do our tastings. In the spirit of expanding wine education we offer them here. Should you find any bottles (or sets) in our archive you would like to purchase, please write 

May 2018
light bright wines

Looking for an alternative to Sauvignon Blanc or the usual Pinot Grigio?  We’ve selected three crisp whites that offer fresh and zippy flavors that are an incredible value!


April 2018
it's april & rosé season is here

The warm weather is here and we couldn’t be more excited to start sampling the new vintage of pink wine!   The Pink Party on April 22 is sold out, but here are a few of our favorites you can drink in the Barn and the Gallery or take home by the bottle or as a set this month.


MARCH 2018
It's Hard to Believe it's not butter

We couldn’t be more excited to introduce our latest Barndiva label wines! The crisp and citrusy Chardonnays from Chablis have always been a staple at Barndiva, and owners Jil and Geoff have always leaned towards the “old world” in their wine preferences. Our latest foray with winemaker Dan Fitzgerald, who has made many of our Barndiva wines, was to find cool-climate vineyard sites in the area to mimic the refreshing and earth-driven style of Chablis. Both of are Chardonnays can be considered “non-traditional” California, and are quite perfect in our book!


January 2018
set spicy reds from the southern rhône

We love Grenache for it’s unique spicy quality: white pepper, resinous herbs laced into delicious silky red strawberry and plum. When choosing a bottle from the Southern Rhône names like Gigondas, Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Vacluse may be confusing, but in this part of France blending is mandatory by law, though wines must be made up of at least 50% Grenache. Wines from the Southern Rhône are rich with fruit and spice without being heavy with new oak as the tradition here is to use concrete tanks or large old barrels. Southern Rhône is blessed by the Mistral wind, which blows up from the Mediterranean through the region, keeping the vines temperate in an otherwise hot climate. We love these wines with stews and braises, or a warm pot of polenta.



Life is worth celebrating... and we certainly don’t do it enough. Because the holidays are about love, friendship and family,  they are perfect time of year to raise a glass filled with sparkling wine. It isn't just that Champagne bubbles defy gravity, floating up to the drinker in a seductive and sensual aromatic foam, its that the pleasure they incur is contagious - no drink comes close!  Here are three of our favorites for the season.


November 2017 set
Anderson Valley Wines perfect for Thanksgiving

Whether you take on entertaining this Thanksgiving or are a guest at a friend’s table, you will certainly need plenty of well chosen bottles. While we have a cellar full of wines from around the world to select for you, after the recent fires here in the North Bay, we prefer to offer you three selections from Mendocino. Two are from our favorite local region, the dynamic Anderson Valley. Not only is the Anderson Valley a tranquil and idyllic place to live (our family farm is in Philo), its terroir is well suited to producing superb Pinot Noir, sparkling wine and unique white varietals like Chenin Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc. We pass two of these wineries almost everyday; they are hands-on smaller family concerns that make wine with passion. Though the winemaker for the Chenin is our friend Leo Hansen, the grapes speak to a different part of Mendocino. We’re excited to share these wines with you!


October 2017 Set
Fall Feelings: cool nights, spicy reds

As the Indian summer here in Sonoma County comes to an end we welcome cool evenings and the comforting, rich foods of winter. Our cravings for crisp whites and rosés segue into heartier red wines with spice and weight. We are ecstatic to release our 2015 Barndiva Syrah, Sonoma Coast, as part of this month’s set, alongside two reds from our cellar that will pair perfectly with your fall table.


September 2017 Set

Central and Eastern Europe - once the heart of the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War era - is now home to some of the most exciting white wines in Europe. Many of us who love “old world” white wines don’t venture outside of the classic Sancerre and Chablis from France and Pinot Grigio from Italy. And countries like Austria, Hungary and Germany are not making it easy on the consumer by labeling their wines with grape varietal names like “Harslevelu and “Rotgelpinger” or place names “Tokaji” and “Nackenheimer”, but despite these hurdles in marketing, we cannot ignore the stunning wines that are arriving from these locations.

At the end of August we were hit by an incredible heat wave in Healdsburg. These late summer days, with temperatures reaching 117, drove us to seek out some tasty, bright, crisp whites to keep our sanity. As the Indian summer stretches on we encourage you to put down the Chardonnay and Sav Blancs to try one of these exciting whites from these up and coming regions.


August 2017 Set
Rosé Bubbly

If you have the space, even if it’s just a cool corner of your garage, we highly recommend grabbing a case of these stunning sparkling rosés. If you love Champagne, and would drink it more often if it weren’t so pricy, these are your wines – Champagne quality sparklers at less than half the typical Champagne price. This is the ‘way-better-than-necessary’ wedding wine. It’s the ‘affordable but respectable’ gift. Or maybe it’s just your new, next-level house wine to drink often. Who needs Champagne when bubbly can be as good as this?   By the Set: $74


July 2017 Set
Pinot, Pinot, Pinot!

3 Pinot Noirs that actually taste like where they were grown

All three can be shipped, or picked up in Studio Barndiva, or simply enjoyed as a flight in the Barn or Bistro. To meet the winemakers for a fascinating evening of talk, food and drink, make a reservation for one of our extraordinary upcoming dinners. 


June 2017 Set
Wines for Summer a BBQ

Summer is upon us, and with it comes barbecue season and outdoor entertaining! BBQ means many different things to all of us - for purists it’s a brisket cooked long and slow ; for many others it's sausages or hamburgers on the grill. But while you can cook just about anything on the grill, and in doing so, make it better, wine pairings for strongly flavored grilled fare is another story. Should you wish to wander from go-to, heavy bodied zinfandels. No one region offers more diversity and flexibility of wine options for grilled food than France’s Rhone Valley. This month’s wine club features a delicious white and two amazing reds of the southern and northern Rhone Valley appellations. These are delicious wines which can be sipped before dinner and enjoyed long after the sun has set.


The May 2017 Set
Bright Futures

This month we have chosen three wines that are perfect for late spring  as all three have a refreshingly vibrant acidity and freshness. In this selection we have paired the emerging local producer of brick & mortar with two French classics: Domaine des Braves, an estate established in 1901 and now carried on by the founder’s great grandson, and a Loire Valley producer who tends his 80 year old vines in Pouilly-Fumé.


April 2017 Set
Rosé All Day

The Healdsburg Pink Party was such a success, we hope to make this an annual event!


March 2017 Set
Island Wines

This month we are excited to share a set of wines grown on three different island vineyards! Island vineyards are unique for their maritime-influenced climates and dramatic terroir. We have selected a sparkling Rosé from the volcanic island of Sicily in Southern Italy, a crisp white from the Mediterranean island and popular vacation destination of Sardinia, and a red from the up and coming US region for Bordeaux varietals, Long Island.


The January 2017 Set
Great Winter Whites