Studio Barndiva’s eclectic offerings include local artwork and imported accessories, but the blue fireplace—adorned with a Magritte-worthy “It is not a fireplace”—makes it clear that visitors can always expect a surprise.
— California Home + Design

Cheoma Bubble Glass 

Price Available Upon Request

Manok Cohen

48 x 72 in


Ismael Sanchez Wire Sculpture


Antique Wine Corker / John Young Blood Photography

Price Available Upon Request

Olive Wood Cutting Boards

Price Available Upon Request

Seth Minor Single Wire Grant Wood Homage 

Price Available Upon Request

Sugahara Handblown Glass

$39 each

G.R. Hales Cigarette Card Collection

$495 - $1295

"History of Shoes" Custom Sculpture Rack

Price Available Upon Request

Cheoma Deer Chandelier


Jordy Morgan Armchair

Price Available Upon Request

Studio Barndiva sources and sells life affirming works of art that have a particular point of view.

Manok Cohen, Seth Minor, Ismael Sanchez, John Youngblood, and Jordy Morgan are the remarkable artists who form the heart of our collection; we are also proud to showcase a unique range of farm and wine artifacts and blown glass, hand loomed textiles and ceramics sourced from more remote parts of the world. Our early 19th Cigarette Card collection is the largest in the country.

For general gallery sales and inquiries on custom pieces, get a conversation started with our gallery steward, Dawid Jaworski.

Artists And Farmers_0628(a) (1).jpg

Jordy Morgan
Manok Cohen

John Youngblood
Nader Khouri     Objet Ancien Du Vin 
Ferdinand Theriout

Michael Lamotte
Seth Minor
Ishmael Sanchez   Iain Rizzo

G.R. Hales Collection
Rob Scheid
Drew Kelly


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Visit the Gallery

237 Center Street

Healdsburg California

707 . 431 . 7404