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Oscars ~ In Memory

There was a lot of talk Monday morning about the efficacy of the Oscars, much of it relevant (starting with too many Best Picture nominations and hosts that couldn't hold the attention of each other, much less millions of cinema lovers around the world). We continue to believe it’s important to celebrate the arts ~ and great to do so together. There is something wonderful that happens in a room that breaks out in spontaneous applause. Even better, one where strangers get to know one another while eating and drinking with genuine enjoyment.

As we head into a world where it’s getting harder and harder to differentiate quality and singular artistic vision from products that have nothing driving them but the hope they generate revenue by hitting the lowest common denominators, it’s important to set the bar as high as we can. And to stop for a moment to acknowledge and enjoy when a fellow human being sails over it. RIP to all the singular artists that died last year, but a special call out to two that touched our lives profoundly.

Claude Chabrol, director 1930-2010


Pete Postlethwaite, actor 1946-2011