We are very excited to share four new Spring Cocktails, photographed here in the Barndiva and Gallery gardens, where clear skies and a surfeit of sunshine has hurtled us into the heart of the season. Not a moment too soon.



Bachelor Buttons and mint from our raised beds brighten Terra Greathouse’s “Barefoot Julep”, a fresh take on this classic bourbon cocktail. It makes great use of the farm’s apple cider vinegar in a seasonal fruit shrub with wonderful herbaceous notes from muddled basil. This drink is long and elegant, like the gal who created it.


Wisteria is in full bloom here at the moment, and those vibrant lilac hues carry over into “My Little Bebop Pony”, Andrew Radabaugh’s contribution to the Spring List. Butterfly Pea Flower give this drink it’s extraordinary color, with St. George’s Raspberry Brandy, Citrus Vodka, a dash of Peach Bitters, fresh lemon juice and a color coordinated garnish of pansies from the gardens. The Sour Raspberry sugar rim is another clue to the My Little Pony connection, but the Bebop is all about Andrew, whose infectious spirit is as uplifting as spring.


Historically, we do not favor sweet cocktails so this simply elegant libation from new bartender Alessandra Ziviani hits all our favorite bitter notes, hence the name, “Bitter ‘Burg”. A sloe gin based drink with Nonino Amaro and Bruto Americano lending it depth and a caramelized nose. Alessandra works days at Preston Family Farm and Vineyards; she is very much a woman with her feet in the soil, reflected in the cocktail’s rich earthiness. We are very pleased she has joined our pirate ship. Fennel garnish from our gardens.


Isabel Hales’ ephemeral cocktail makes surprising use of Datu Puti, a Thai drinking vinegar which she’s infused with fresh rhubarb, a great foil for Benham’s, one of our favorite local gins. The mysterious lingering flavor upon first, second and third sips is Reisetbauer Carrot Liqueur; dehydrated rhubarb and carrot slivers garnish the drink. The name, “Bod Electric” is a nod to Walt Whitman’s “I Sing the Body Electric,” which speaks to a life long desire to connect essential elements: our bodies to our souls, and both to the energies which always surround us. Not a bad thing to ponder as you sip your way through this glorious spring. Or you could take the name as an ode to Isabel, as electric as they come.


These layered, nuanced cocktails are all available in Barndiva. If you prefer experiencing some of the world’s finest artisan spirits on their own or in classic libations perfectly executed, head over to The Gallery in Studio Barndiva where you can check out a “framed” curated collection, wander the gardens drink in hand, or just plop down into a sofa and watch exquisite old film clips while listening to the best playlists in town. Different strokes. Satisfaction guaranteed.