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Pink Party Participants, 2019

They came, they poured, they talked - all of which they do all the time with great panache and patience. On Sunday they also donated wine for our raffle which raised money for Corazón Healdsburg. This is a great group of what I would call graciously competitive winemakers and tasting room managers - who make working a room (or in this case, gardens) seem easy. Perhaps because while it is work, they actually love what they do, and where they get to live while doing it. So here’s to that. Raised glasses to all. We love throwing this memorable Spring Party.

Here is the complete list of some of the smiling faces above in case you can’t pick them out in the crowd! Most have tasting rooms…connect the dots ad go visit! Many of their wines are also on our lists here at Barndiva. Come Visit!

Banshee Wine * brick & mortar wines * Campesino Cellars * Claypool Cellars * Pachyderme Wine * Copain Wines * County Line Vineyards * Crux Winery * Domaines Ott * Dutton-Goldfield Winery * Enfield Wine * Ernest Vineyards * Flowers Winery * Gail Wines * Gary Farrell Winery * Guthrie Family Wines * Handley Cellars * Idlewild Wines * Joseph Jewell Wines * La Pitchoune Winery * Lioco Wine * Littorai Wines * MacRostie Winery * Mauritson Wines * Moshin Vineyards * Peay Vineyards * Preston Farm & Winery * Raft Wines * Reeve Wines * Relic Wine Cellars * Roederer Estate * Satyre Wines * Scribe Winery * Smith Story Wine Cellars * Sophie James Wine * Spire Collection * Fieldstone Vineyards * Trail Marker Wine Co * Unti Vineyards * West + Wilder

Pretty out front, while behind the scenes….

Pretty out front, while behind the scenes….

Incredibly, we had over 80 superlative Rosé wines to pair with food that flew out of our kitchens (some wineries brought more than one.) A huge Thank You to chefs Danny Girolomo, Randy Dodge, Ashell Cunningham, Thomas Mulligan, Francisco Alvarez and their entire team. We are so proud of the food Barndiva is producing. Every day.

Spinach Wrapped Beet Cured Salmon Lollipops * Housemade Duck Prosciutto w/ Boursin, Cherry Compote, Crostini * Dashi Tamago w/ Wakame Powder, Kewpie Mayo, Calabrian Chili, Shiso * Tuna Tostada w/ Avocado, Pickled Fresnos * Beef sliders w/ Pickles & Ale Mustard * Housemade Pizza Fritta w/ Truffled Artichoke Pesto, Journeyman Salumi, Parmesan Crema * Mini Ham & Cheese Hoagies * Raspberry Rosé Scented Macaroons * Rosé Sorbet Shooters….

Special shout out to Natalie Nelson and her engaging event staff, and to Chappy Cottrell, our extraordinary wine director. Special love to the incredible Bonnie Z of Dragonfly Farm, who augmented the flowers we brought from the farm and made a few of her extraordinary arrangements. To Dan, who always exceeds expectations, for his stunning floral wall. And thank you Isabel, who stepped in and saved the day in multiple ways and Matt Iaconis for donating brick & mortar Rosé for our shooters. And big love always to our good friends Dj Jeremy and the gorgeous Janine (brains of the family) without whom The Pink Party simply would not groove in quite the same way.


Finally, kuddos to all our guests for showing up in such great style, ready to celebrate a very pink spring. You were just the right amount of sassy, and we were pleased with the mix of familiar faces with many new ones in this sold out crowd. Tracebox was a hit (winners will be notified) but even if you didn’t get a change to ‘game your nose’ this Sunday, no worries, we keep the Traceboxes fragrant in the SommTable room in The Gallery (where we usually tell you what you are smelling).

Thank you to all who donated to the raffle. The fact that we were very blessed to enjoy a day like this one is not lost on any of us here. When we talk community, and there is a lot of that going around in Healdsburg these days, we are only as strong as our most vulnerable. Row on.


By six in the evening on Sunday, when our intrepid office manager Cathryn Hulsman took this shot, it did not look like over 300 people had been mingling, drinking, eating, laughing, and launching into the first great weather of 2019. If you missed it, or are already ready to plan another day with us here in the gardens, fear not! Fête Blanc is up next! Get your tickets as soon as you can. The Pink Party was very sold out.

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