Like our expectations of love itself, great Valentine's menus are a precarious balancing act that takes elements we cherish about the achingly familiar and tries to infuse them with flavors both fresh and new. And yes, while there are some luxurious ingredients on the Barn’s nuanced restaurant menu, in both our dining rooms on Feb 14th expect a truly romantic experience. We know it’s an evening many of our diners consider sacrosanct. 

I caught Chef working through a third course for the Barn's V day prix fixe last week, managing to get off a few shots of a magnificent spiny lobster from Santa Barbara he had poached in court bouillon, its shell as vivid as a five alarm fire. He likes to work alone when he's thinking through a new dish, and while he had not yet decided on the plating, he was almost there with the flavors he was after, working with a generous dollop of soft and luscious lobster meat enrobed in saffron pasta flecked with fresh herbs. The idea was to pair the tortellini with baby bok choi bathed in a mysteriously fragrant soy butter brightened with a few toasted fennel seeds. Brilliant.

Here are both menus. If you hope to join us for either dinner service, I encourage you to book now. Both rooms began to fill weeks ago, before we even published our menus (and curiously, not just with two tops!). Whatever your romantic status, have a good one.