Barndiva grew out of our family's desire to celebrate the exquisite food sheds of Sonoma and Mendocino Counties from Healdsburg to the ocean, with special attention paid to following the breadcrumbs up Hwy 128 through the Anderson Valley to Philo, where we have dry farmed apples, figs and chestnuts on a ridge above the pacific for the past three decades. 


While the family farm is still the heartbeat of our enterprise, Barndiva, designed and built as a unique destination for elegant farm to table fine dining, has grown in ways we never imagined. We took over the charming property next door and named it Studio Barndiva, incorporating an art gallery,  event spaces, and another large garden. A second kitchen a few years later allowed us to better serve our unforgettable weddings and parties and to open The Gallery dining room and SommTable, where we host extraordinary wine experiences.

Geoff Hales is our numbers guy. Lukka Feldman is the driving force behind our full range of hospitality and wine programs.  Jil Hales is Barndiva’s creative director. She oversees the cocktail programs with daughter Isabel Hales and produces eat the view, our blog. Daniel Carlson is our farm manager and helps direct our extensive floral program.


The Barndiva Kitchens

Seasonal, Simple, and Soulful are the loadstars of our ingredient and technique driven kitchens. This is true whether our guests choose to dine in our elegant dining room and garden at Barndiva or our more casual Mediterranean inspired Gallery in Studio Barndiva next door. For 15 years we have explored the extraordinary food-sheds of Sonoma and Mendocino Counties seeking out farmers and artisan producers who believe, as we do, that truly nourishing food experiences start in the soil, the vineyard, and the field; that great plates of food must reflect the passion of all who produce them.

Our kitchens brigades work as dedicated teams drawing on years of experience at some of the finest kitchens in the country. They all believe, as we do, that no matter how delicious the dish, how beautiful the room, extraordinary the floral arrangements, or seductive the lighting, genuine hospitality is what the guest remembers most. It is what makes a dining experience memorable when you travel from your home, whether around the corner or around the world, and join us in ours.